Brenner Mechanical Inc. specializes in complete plumbing installations for institutional, commercial, and industrial facilities. Typically our projects need to stand up to heavy usage and with our team of designers, plumbers and pipe fitters working on projects like new build elementary schools, hospital additions or mall renovations, at Brenner Mechanical Inc. we have the experience and professionalism that any projects requires to ensure success.

   •   Backflow Certified Installation

   •   Boilers 

   •   Commercial Kitchen Service

   •   Hydronic Heating System     

   •   Leak Detection                         

   •   Lift Stations

   •   Domestic Water Systems 

   •   Grease Interceptor Installations      

   •   Water Heater Installations                              

   •   Laboratory Piping                                                

   •   Site Utilities                                                             

   •   Special Waste Systems                                    

   •   Chilled Water Systems

   •   Compressed Air Systems     

   •   Medical Gas Systems      

   •   Piping Insulation  

   •   Sanitary & Storm Drainage Systems    

   •   Water Filtration Systems                        

   •   Stream Piping Systems